Mortgage Investment Program in Vancouver BC

Mortgage investments provide an excellent investment vehicle for investors seeking to achieve consistent and above average returns. At MAC Mortgage Approval Corp., we are a company that focuses on mortgage investing. Our team of highly trained real estate and mortgage experts focuses on capital preservation, while achieving consistent investing returns. When you’re looking to invest in one of the soundest real estate markets in the world, and you’re looking to work with a professional team that puts honesty and integrity above everything else including returns, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Returns of 5 to 18+ percent
  • Mortgage investments available with or without Ongoing Management
  • Targeted approach provides investments that match your profile
  • Investment periods that are typically 6 to 24 months, and up to 60 month duration
  • A specialized legal team that focuses on private mortgages
  • Conservative appraisals and strict controls and procedures for fraud elimination

Examples of Recent Returns

  • 1st mtg – $240,000 – 8.5%. Refinance Townhouse in Coquitlam. LTV- 65%. Purpose –  credit repair allowing the borrower the ability to refinance with a conventional lender
  • 2nd mtg – $52,000 – 12.5%. Refinance house in Agassiz. LTV- 73%. Purpose – credit repair
  • 1st mtg – $285,000 – 7%. Refinance 2 townhouses in Coquitlam. Purpose – Foreclosure repayment
  • 2nd mtg – $200,000 – 9.5%. Construction mortgage to complete the construction of a house 50% complete in Nelson
  • 1st mtg – $240,000 – 7%. Refinance house in Abbotsford. LTV – 65%. Purpose – Refinance Foreclosure
  • 1st mtg – $1,800,000 – 8.5%. Refinance licensed marijuana grow facility. LTV – 50%. Purpose – equity take out for expansion of their business in Oregon
  • 2nd mtg – $100,000 – 8.5%, Renovation mortgage. House in West Vancouver. LTV: 60%
  • 2nd mtg – $35,000 – 12%. Equity takeout. Hobby Farm in Salmon Arm. TV:70%
Mortgage investments available for purchase. From $20,000 to $500,000 + 
Your money goes to the lawyer’s trust account and your are registered on title as a secured lender.

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