About MAC Mortgage Approval Corp. in Vancouver

MAC-Logo-FinalMAC Mortgage Approval Corp. is a licensed mortgage brokerage firm based in Vancouver, BC committed to providing full spectrum mortgage lending for borrowers and brokers alike.

At MAC we have already funded over $100 million in private mortgage loans throughout the country, and we are dedicated to helping borrowers get the best mortgage rates on first, second and third mortgages. We work extensively with private individuals, corporate clients and mortgage brokers who are looking for private mortgage loans for their own customers, and we’re always happy to offer small wait times and quick, friendly service.

At MAC we offer financing to the residential family home in a subdivision to $20,000,000 estate property throughout the province of British Columbia.

MAC can also provide construction lending, primarily in the province of British Columbia, including completion financing and packages with broad ranges, so all customers can find what they’re looking for when constructing their residential or commercial property.

At MAC, we’ve worked extensively within and throughout the real estate and mortgage market for over 20 years. Our team includes lawyers that protect borrower’s and borrower’s interests, appraisers that will determine a fair and honest current market value and mortgage brokers that have worked on all sides of the mortgage industry for several years. We know the mortgage industry better than anyone, and whether you’re a borrower or broker, we can help you with your lending needs.

We gather your information and with the financial tools at hand, apply the best possible solution to your financial debt. We are here to help you get what you require and offer the best means to financial freedom.


We are capable of providing fast, confidential and efficient service with the least amount of inconvenience to the borrower.

MAC Mortgage Approval Team